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FAQ A simple way to see if any stem cell drug or therapy is reasonable pricewise and legal is to check if the corresponding drug or therapy is covered by medical insurance covering actual cost. Stem cell drug approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug and stem cell therapy recognized [...]

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Cell Treatment Links Korean Association of Stemcell Therapy http://www.stemtx.co.kr Korean Society of Gene and Cell Therapy http://www.ksgct.org Asian Cellular Therapy Organization http://www.asianct.org Stem cell information of US National Institutes of Health http://stemcells.nih.gov Stem Cell Research Institute of Minnesota University: http://www.stemcell.umn.edu Center for Regenerative Medicine : http://www.crm.ed.ac.uk iPS Cell Research Institute of Kyoto [...]

Our Medical Team

The medical staff at Myongji Cell Therapy Center explores how to improve medical treatment through medical service, research and education. Counseling for patients with disease subject to the cell therapy, treatment schedule management, clinical data management, meeting for multidisciplinary medical service Internal researcher’s model, joint study with external cooperative agency, academic [...]

Knee Cartilage Restoration Center

Knee cartilage damage Knee cartilage can be damaged if joints are deformed due to the aging process and muscular weakening as well as, even at a young age, due to overweight, violent exercise, accident, etc. Patients may experience sharp pain, throbbing pain or extreme pain even to limit joint movement. Cartilage, once [...]

Lou Gehrig Center

What is Lou Gehrig’s disease? The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig’s disease, kills motor neurons to weaken muscles. Muscular dystrophy progresses gradually in the four limbs and sometimes, it paralyzes respiratory muscle in the end to lead to death. How is Lou Gehrig’s disease treated? The medicine called [...]

Anti-Cancer & Immunity Center

Why does cancer occur? Cells are the smallest unit of the human body. They self-control themselves to divide, grow and die to implement necessary roles. However, due to immunity weakening, etc. caused by environmental, genetic, and aging problems, cells in specific body part may overgrow to form a mass. Such a mass [...]

About Cell Therapy

Cutting-edge next generational regenerative medicine, Cell Therapy Cell therapy is an area of common interest in the global medical sector, targeting intractable, rare and damageable diseases that are hardly curable with the modern medical science. In the cell therapy, living human cells are systematically treated in compliance with the national standards on [...]

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Cell therapy for Cure & Care We, at the Myongji Cell Therapy Center, are committed to cure intractable diseases through cell therapy and provide sincere care for hope. Korean medical technique leading global cell therapy Of the 6 stem cell medicines that have been globally commercialized as of 2016, [...]